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Cricket Pasta

Cricket Pasta
Nutribug Rice Pasta with Crickets

Nutribug.com, a new start-up company from the UK, has been busy working away on a new edible insect pasta range. Their new Rice Pasta a.k.a. Pro Pasta will be the first first gluten free rice pasta to contain high protein cricket flour. It will be made from 100% natural ingredients, brown jasmine rice, tapioca and farmed acheta domestica cricket powder.

100 grams of Nutrbug’s rice pasta will deliver a whopping 13.7 grams of quality protein, for comparative purposes standard brown rice pasta contains 4 grams of protein per 100g. Nutrbug’s cricket pasta is also a good source of calcium and iron and is gluten free.

Nutribug cricket pasta will be made from all natural ingredients, and will be dry milled to preserve the natural nutrients.

The acheta domestica crickets they use in the production of their rice pasta are raised on their small family farm. They feed them a diet of organic rice husks and a special blend of selected organic vegetables. They are raised in clean, sealed hygienic enclosures and are processed at their FDA/GMP approved factory. Continue reading