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Corn Fungus, Latin America

Corn Fungus or Corn smut
Corn Fungus a.k.a. Corn smut

Corn Fungus or Corn smut is a food that looks worthy of a haunted house as it looks very much like grey-colored brains. It is actually a plant fungus that infects corn and that is used in Latin America as a filling for quesadillas. Some say it has an earthy, strong, mushroom-like flavor with a slight hint of raw corn — it’s a popular ingredient in soups and quesadillas. However strange this dish may seem, many promote it as a healthy dish due to the nutritional value provided within including protein and minerals including Llysine .

Caterpillar Fungus (China)

Cordyceps or caterpillar fungus
Cordyceps or caterpillar fungus

Cordyceps, also referred to as caterpillar fungus is considered an aphrodisiac in China, where it bears the name dong chong xia cao.  This fungus is perhaps more of a parasite.  It works by infiltrating a caterpillar larva’s brains and then grows in the cavity.  This mushroom has been known for centuries to work as a libido enhancer.  Today it is grown and cultivated so it is available for low prices.  If you have a hot date coming up, why not get a serving of cordyceps to split and a few glasses of champagne to wash it down?