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Flush Away the Day at The Modern Toilet Diner

Modern toilet diner
Toilet themed diner restaurant

If you’re like most people, your mother taught you from a young age that you must always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom and also told you that this was of the utmost importance before eating.  Whether in a home or a restaurant, this routine endures.  But what if the dining room you will be eating with has been carefully constructed to resemble a lavatory?

The Modern Toilet Diner, Taipei

Once you step foot into Taipei’s Modern Toilet Diner you are sure to have a one of a kind sensation.  This restaurant is actually part of a chain of restaurants with various themes that are located all over the island.  This particular restaurant was designed with humor in mind.  Each diner sits atop a toilet and has their meal atop a wash basin or a bathtub with a glass top. Continue reading