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Chapul Looks to Introduce Insects into the American Diet

chapul cricket protein bar
Chapul Cricket Protein Bar

College roommates are looking to introduce the American public to a unique snack while also addressing serious worldwide concerns.

Chapul founders Pat Crowley of Salt Lake City and Dan O’Neill of San Francisco are looking to bring the snack of nutritious, energy cricket bars to the forefront by showing the public the benefits of eating them. To give you an understanding of what these cricket bars are like think of the Clif Bars, only you have bugs. Continue reading

Dill Pickle Mints

dill pickle mints
Can of Dill Pickle Mints

Dill Pickles, you either love ’em or you hate ’em right?. If you’re the former and can’t get enough of them you’ll be pleased to know that the Archie Mcphee team from America have created some rather bizarre mint candies, tiny candy pellets with the essence of mint and dill pickle. Sounds like a bizarre combination of flavours to me, maybe the mint is used to cover the stench of pickles. a.k.a. ‘pickle breath’. The can contains approximately 100 mints so you’ll be able to get your fix any time of the day or night.