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Fertilized Duck Embryo – Balut

Balut fertilized egg
Balut fertilized egg

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up, Scrambled…? If you’re from the Philippines you’d probably want your eggs Balut style.

Balut is a dish that is common in the Philippines.  It is a duck egg that is fertilized and has a partially grown duck embryo inside of it.  The egg is then boiled and the embryo and the liquid inside is cooked.  Once the dish is served, the shell is punctured and the broth inside is sipped from the shell.  Then the shell is peeled so the diner can eat the yolk and the cooked chick.  It is common to see vendors selling balut in a bucket filled with sand to keep them warm.

Stir Fry Weaver Ants Eggs Recipe

Weaver Ants Eggs
Weaver Ant Egg Salad

Weaver Ants eggs are a highly prized delicacy in Thailand. Weaver ants produce their eggs only once a year during the cooler months December to Jaruary, during this time, the time consuming, and sometimes painful task of collecting the eggs take place, they are then wrapped in bannana leaves and sold at local markets.

Locals prepare these eggs with shallots, lettuce, chillies, lime and spices and serve with sticky rice to provide a dish rich in nutrition and good flavour. Continue reading