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Canned Russian Herring

Canned Russian Herring
Canned Russian Herring with teeth (Source)

In Russia you don’t eat canned fish, the canned fish eat you! The can pictured here is supposed to contain Atlantic Herring however it looks more like a piranha or snake head to me. Alternatively it could be a wolf herring which is also found in the Atlantic. If there are any fish experts out there that can help identify it please let us know. Whatever it is, it deserves a place in the bizarrefood blog.

Hákarl – Putrefied Shark Meat

If you are planning a voyage to Iceland, while you are there you can have the unique experience of biting a shark, instead of having it bite you.  This is one shark you’ll want to bite, as it is putrefied.  Better known as Hákarl, this strange delicacy is worth a try – if you can get past the smell!

Hakarl Shark Meat
Hakarl Shark Meat Iceland

How is Hákarl Served?

Hákarl is one of Iceland’s more well-known traditional offerings, and is perhaps a bit infamous as well. Hákarl is typically served on a small plate, and is cut into small cube-shaped pieces that may look a bit like cheese to the untrained eye.  Using a toothpick, diners spear their fare, and then the true Hákarl experience begins.  Be cautioned that if you are like most people who try Hákarl for the first time, you will gag when you take your first bite.  Hákarl is generally accompanied by a glass of Brennivín, which is a good thing, as it helps to clear the palate of overpowering taste of this extremely flavorful cuisine. Continue reading

Fugu – The Poisonous Puffer Fish?

Fugu edible puffer fish
Fugu is extremely poisonous if not prepared properly

Japanese cuisine includes some unique and amazing delicacies. One of the most interesting and dangerous dishes in Japanese cooking is Fugu, also known as Blowfish or Puffer Fish. Fugu is extremely poisonous if it is not prepared properly, and can be fatal if ingested. At the present time, only a very select number of chefs are authorized to serve and prepare Fugu. Surprisingly, the government in Tokyo is currently preparing to relax restrictions that permit only licensed and trained chefs to serve Fugu. Continue reading