Feel Like a Cannibal without Really Being One at Body Bakery

body bakery thailand

Kittiwat Unarrom’s body bakery Thailand

Of all the weird food choices out there, this has got to be one of the craziest. Kittiwat Unarrom is a baker’s son, a Fine Art student, and an artist. On top of that, he is also the owner of Body Bakery in Ratchburi Thailand, where he creates baked goods from dough, and a variety of ingredients including chocolate, raisins, and different sorts of nuts. However, it is not the ingredients that make his baked creations so unique. It is the fact that each product is designed to look like a dismembered human body part, and that each one is edible.

It’s hard not to be impressed by Unarrom’s skill and ingenuity. His creations truly do look like human body parts, like something you’d see in an anatomy museum. However, not everyone is pleased by the thought of eating these realistic and gruesome replicas of body parts. Unarrom visited forensic museums, and studied books on human anatomy to ensure that his creations are as authentic looking as possible. However, it is also hard not to be at least a tiny bit grossed out. Until you actually bite into one of these treats and taste that it is in fact bread, you may feel like a cannibal!

Unarrom states that many people are initially scared to eat the bread but that once they taste it they see that it is just like any other bread, except for the fact that it looks so life-like. In response, he proclaims that “The lesson is ‘don’t judge just by outer appearances.”