Oven dried Edible Tarantula - a unique delicacy of Cambodia.

This bag contains one Zebra Tarantula (Haplopelma Albostriatum) which has been dehydrated and salted. They come from sustainable sources where young tarantulas are nurtured and released into the wild to replace wild caught tarantulas.

The Tarantula measures approximately 6-8cm's and weighs 6-7 grams after it has been dehydrated.

Shelf life: 1 year from date of manufacture.

Please note: The dehydrated tarantulas legs are tucked in when drying to avoid them breaking. Tarantulas are very fragile after they have been dried. Therefore they may look smaller than they are when the legs are fully extended.

Ingredients: Haplopelma Albostriatum Tarantula, Salt

Cooking instructions: The Tarantula is ready to eat from the bag, you can eat every part. Some people prefer to remove the tiny hairs before eating, this can be done by holding over a gas flame or placing in the oven at high heat for a few minutes.

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Edible Tarantula in a bag

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