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Bizarre Specialty Cakes

bizarre specialty cakes
Bizarre specialty cakes with serious attitude. Source

If you’re looking for a bizarre out-of-this-word cake for your friend or loved one checkout the Highland Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I’ve posted a selection of their most unusual and bizarre creations to the left, it’s easy to see a lot of hard work has gone into the making of these amazing cake designs. Karen Portaleo is the lead cake decorator there, she has been creating these wonderful cake designs for over 7 years now. Checkout their website to view other unique cakes they have made over the years: http://highlandbakery.com/

Wasp cookies creating a buzz in Japan

japanese wasp rice cracker
Japanese wasp rice cracker

There is a new rice cracker product creating a buzz around the streets of Omachi, Japan. A Digger Wasp lover group (Jibachi Aikokai) has teamed up with a local biscuit maker to create a unique digger wasp rice cracker (Jibachi Senbei).

Elderly wasp hunters lay traps around the nearby countryside to catch the wasps. They are then boiled in water, dried and then added to the rice cracker mix. The mix is then stamped in a hot iron cracker cutter. They’re sold via local markets or at selected gourmet stores.

According to certain sources wasps contain the highest percentage of protein of any edible insect – a whopping 81 percent to be exact! For comparison purposes an average steak contains just 20 percent. Now you know what to order if you’re needing a protein boost!

Body Bakery Thailand

Feel Like a Cannibal without Really Being One at Body Bakery

body bakery thailand
Kittiwat Unarrom’s body bakery Thailand

Of all the weird food choices out there, this has got to be one of the craziest. Kittiwat Unarrom is a baker’s son, a Fine Art student, and an artist. On top of that, he is also the owner of Body Bakery in Ratchburi Thailand, where he creates baked goods from dough, and a variety of ingredients including chocolate, raisins, and different sorts of nuts. However, it is not the ingredients that make his baked creations so unique. It is the fact that each product is designed to look like a dismembered human body part, and that each one is edible. Continue reading