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Live Crab Vending Machines

crab vending machine
Live Crab in vending machine

Japan is probably the world leader for vending machines, they have them everywhere offering anything from ready made meals and fresh fruit to cell phones and more. However in Nanjing China they have taken vending machines to a new level, their vending machines dispense live hairy crabs in plastic containers. Continue reading

Canned Russian Herring

Canned Russian Herring
Canned Russian Herring with teeth (Source)

In Russia you don’t eat canned fish, the canned fish eat you! The can pictured here is supposed to contain Atlantic Herring however it looks more like a piranha or snake head to me. Alternatively it could be a wolf herring which is also found in the Atlantic. If there are any fish experts out there that can help identify it please let us know. Whatever it is, it deserves a place in the bizarrefood blog.

Sannakji – Live Octopus, a.k.a. “Korean Viagra”

Sannakji Live Octopus
Sannakji Live Octopus Dish

In Korea, many men eat different items in order to have more sexual vitality.  Different selections are touted as excellent choices for this desire, such as goat stew, deer antler whiskey, dog meat, red ginseng, the list is never ending.  However, none of these are quite as attention-grabbing as sannakji which is almost alive.  Sannakji is the tentacles of a baby octopus that are so fresh and raw that they are still squirming.  This is a popular food for those who go to bars, which is apparent from many Youtube videos. Continue reading