crab vending machine

Live Crab in vending machine

Japan is probably the world leader for vending machines, they have them everywhere offering anything from ready made meals and fresh fruit to cell phones and more. However in Nanjing China they have taken vending machines to a new level, their vending machines dispense live hairy crabs in plastic containers.

If you visit Nanjing Metro Station in Southern China you will find a brightly coloured vending machine selling live crabs in ready-to-cook plastic containers, the prices range from $2 up to $8 for a nice fat juicy one. The machine is also stocked with crab vinegar, what more could you ask for?

Crab Vending Machine

Live Crab Vending Machine

People were a little apprehensive and suspicious to try it at first, many people viewed it as novelty item to take photos of. However after realizing that the fresh crabs were just as good as those purchased on the market it fast became a welcomed addition to the station, commuters now regularly buy fresh crabs from it on the way home from work.

I wonder what’s next in the world of vending machines, live chickens, fish? The possibilities are endless I guess!