Eskimo Ice Cream

Eskimo Ice Cream – Photo by Jon Rowley

Eskimo ice cream may sound like a sweet treat, but traditionally speaking that is far from the truth.  Eskimos have been making this dish for a very long time, and it truly is their own unique take on ice cream.  Locals call this dish akutaq.  Eskimo ice cream is made from reindeer fat.  Fat taken from other animals such as moose or seal may be included in the mix.  For those who live in the more remote villages in Alaska, it really is dependent on what game is available.  Eskimo ice cream may also include dried salmon eggs, berries or fish.  It is cold and creamy, but due to the animal fat this dish will not taste like the ice cream you are likely familiar with.  The traditional version of this dish does not contain sugar or any sweeteners, but if you are a tourist in Alaska who wishes to try Eskimo ice cream you may be able to find a version that has some sweetener in it.