Frog Sashimi

Frog Sashimi Dish Japan

This is another dish that is only for the brave hearted.  In Tokyo, you can visit Asadachi restaurant for their famed frog sashimi.  Asadashi is a restaurant with dishes designed to increase virility.  If you order the frog sashimi, you are truly in for an experience.  Right before your eyes, the chef will cut into a live frog and will rip its heart out while it is still beating and will then hand it over to you in a pair of chopsticks.  Then as you bite into the still beating heart, you can watch the chef turn what once was a frog into a pile of raw frog sashimi (sashimi is raw, sliced seafood).  This dish is hard to find, so if you’re sure you wish to try it you will probably have to visit Asadashi or one of the few other restaurants in the world that offer this unique dish.