Canned dehydrated unseasoned cicada eggs. 
In Thailand these little critters are known to locals as cicada eggs or nymphs.
They have a ridged oval shaped back and flat underside with small legs designed to attach themselves to leaves. They are covered in a white/yellow powdery substance. 
They are found attached to leaves at the top of tall trees in small numbers so collecting them is slow and dangerous. They are only available at the beginning of the rain season so they are not often seen for sale at local markets. They are sold in small bags for a premium price compared to other insect types. Locals prepare them by wrapping them in banana leaves with a little salt and then cook them on a BBQ. They are said to be very healthy and rich in protein and calcium.
We buy them live from market vendors in northeast Thailand. We process them by boiling them in water and dehydrating them to lock in nutrients. The boiling process removes the harmless white/yellow powder, which reveals the red body underneath. Some powdery substance may remain however this is completely harmless and is usually eaten. Following the dehydration process we pack them in cans with moisture and oxygen absorbers. This keeps them fresh for up to two years.
A single can contains 2 grams of unseasoned cicada eggs, approximately 16 eggs. Each egg is about 0.8cm in length.
You can eat them straight from the bag or you can add a little salt or seasoning of your choice. If you have some banna leaf you can try preparing them the tradtional way over a BBQ.
Ingredients: Approx 16 Cicada eggs. Net weight 2g, Gross Weight 15g
Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.


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Unseasoned Canned Cicada Eggs

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