It’s not only C-list celebrities that get to munch on dodgy-looking critters in a jungle-based TV delight! Now you too can dare your mates to crunch on beasties and savour the unique flavours of our dry-dwelling friends (you might still need a few potted plants and some steam from the kettle to fully recreate the atmosphere).

These arachnids have been cooked and dried and are perfectly safe to eat (but you don’t have to tell your mates that). The perfect injection (see what we did there?) of high protein for an otherwise bug-free (and shamefully tame) diet.

Beats the pants off those dry roasted peanuts!

Each bag contains 2 dehydrated scorpions (Mesobuthus martensii - Chinese armour tail scorpions), which have been cooked, dried and packaged up in a vacuum pouch with oxygen and moisture absorbers for your enjoyment.

Please beware the scorpions are fragile and may break during transit. You accept this risk when purchasing. This however will not affect the taste or enjoyment of eating them.

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Edible Chinese Armor Tail Scorpions

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