Chinese Armor Tail Scorpion Vodka 70ml 40%v/v

Vodka with a sting in its tail, literally. The traditional pre-bar stiffener has been taken to a new level of fierceness with the addition of a real, deadly scorpion! Ok, so it’s no longer deadly and if it was still alive it would be pretty inebriated by now, but the very appearance of it is enough to make even daredevils shudder.

The special triple distilled vodka has been steeped for several months allowing the scorpion to infuse the liquid with a unique woody taste. Our scorpions are farm raised and measure approximately 6cm long and the good (!) news is that they are totally edible (but mind the sting). So choose the friends you share the vodka with wisely - when you reach the end of the bottle - who will take up the challenge?

A great addition to your drinks cabinet both at home and the office, this boozy curiosity is a sure-fire conversation starter and the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend.

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Armor tail Scorpion Vodka Infusion 70ml

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