Edible Dehydrated Bamboo Worms (Omphisa fuscidentalis)

They are grubs, but could pass for corn puffs, and have the texture of popcorn (well, sort of). One of the tastiest critters you can eat, the bamboo worm is high in protein and fibre and low in fat, making it one of the most popular edible insects in Thailand.

Bamboo worms are the larvae of moths that feed on flowering bamboo trees. They were originally collected from the bamboo trees in wild forests but are now raised at commercial bamboo tree farms. Once harvested, the bamboo worms are quick frozen, shallow fried and flavoured.

There’s no need to make a song and dance with these guys, just straight out of the bag and into your mouth. Other cinemagoers will never know your secret! The perfect snack for those with an inquisitive disposition (or those that you’ve convinced are eating popcorn in the dark)!

Ingredients: Omphisa fuscidentalis, Salt

Bag contains approximately 25 bamboo worm pupae.

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Edible Bamboo Worm Pupae

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