• Large Earthworm Jerky

Edible Earthworm Jerky

Our food grade earthworms are raised on commercial farms, they are fed on a diet of vegetable scraps. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavours have been added.

Earthworm jerky can be used in a number of ways, for example they can be milled into a powder and then added to any food to increase the protein content. They can be seasoned and barbequed briefly over high heat and then eaten as jerky. Alternatively you can eat as is however it can be a little tough and chewy.

Whilst every care has been taken during the manufacturing process to remove all earth from the worms, some small particles of earth may still remain. This is completely harmless.

Nutritional data.

Protein: 65.8%

2 year shelf life

Ingredients; 100% large dried earthworm (Pheretima Sp) 10g

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Large Earthworm Jerky

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