25 Preserved Edible Scorpions in alcohol. $1.88 per scorpion (Single bag). $1 per scorpion (8+ bags).

These edible arachnids have been cooked and soaked in a 95% food grade alcohol solution. They can be used in a number of ways; for example try oven roasting them with your favorite seasoning for a unique crunchy snack, coat them with chocolate or decorate a cake with them. Add them to alcohol or garnish your drink with them!

Each bagcontains 25 preserved farmed scorpions (Mesobuthus martensii - Chinese armor tail scorpions), which have been cooked, preserved and packaged up in a sealed bag.

Ingredients: 25 x Mesobuthus Martensii Scorpions soaked in 95% alcohol.

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Preserved Scorpions x 25

  • $48.00

  • 4 or more $31.50
  • 8 or more $25.00

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