• Special Mixed Bugs 40g

This pack is more than twice the weight of our standard mixed bugs pack. It includes mole crickets, silkworms, big crickets and grasshoppers.

For a new take on the traditional aperitif, pop one of these critters into your guests’ champers before the main course or present them together in a bowl as a delicious side dish! (Might not want to try this on your in-laws…)

It’s an unforgettable and unbeatable crunch that might just be accompanied by screams, yelps and a dash to the door!

All of our insects are collected fresh from farms and then cleaned, quick frozen, dehydrated, seasoned and packed in a special pouch with an oxygen and moisture absorber ready for shipping.

The insects can be eaten straight from the bag.

Ingredients: Mixed bugs, salt.

Net weight: 40g

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Special Mixed Bugs 40g

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Tags: Mixed bugs, edible insects