Night can’t exist without day, energy can’t exist without matter and, it turns out, you can’t have a dark chocolate covered scorpion without having a milk chocolate covered one. It would throw the entire universe into chaos. Or something.

Well, when it comes to eating once-deadly arachnids you have to cater for all chocolate tastes. These crunchy, oven-roasted critters are perfectly palatable after a good dunking in the most delicious of confectioneries. At least that’s what you’ll tell the person you decide to share them with. One each, down the hatch! The perfect anti-Valentine’s Day gift!

5g Net. Scorpions measure 5-6cm in length. Shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture.

The scorpions in this packet are individually wrapped. Please beware the scorpions are fragile and may break during transit. You accept this risk when purchasing. This will not affect the taste or enjoyment of eating them.

Ingredients: 2 x Scorpions - Mesobuthus Martensii sp, (Chocolate coating) sugar, vegetable fat, milk powder, cocoa powder, emulsifier (Soy lecithin - E322), vanillin.

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Yin-Yang Chocolate Covered Scorpions

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