The original Bugapoop Tea Bags.

If you've tried civet coffee you may like to try Worm Tea!

Bugapoop Tea is a special tea made from the feces of grain moth larvae. These larvae are fed on nothing else but special tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) that have been naturally fermented. As the leaves pass through the larvae's body they continue fermentation. Their droppings are handpicked and the collected droppings are dried and then further aged. 

Bugapoop or General Pearl Tea as it's originally known as in China is black in color, freshly fragrant, and has been used for a long time in the mountain areas of Guangxi, Funan and Guixhou by the Zhuan, Tong and Miao nationalities. According to historical records it has positive health benefits for fever, high blood pressure, digestion and it has good detoxifying properties. Whatever the extent of its health benefits, Bug A Poop serves as a good “cooling beverage” which has a higher nutritive value than regular tea. It contains 18 kinds of amino-acids, protein, Saccharide, tannin, vitamins, and microelements.

How to use:

Add one tea bag to a cup and pour in boiling water, allow it to steep for 20 seconds. You can repeat the steeping process with several cups of hot water until you achieve your desired taste. Further steeping results in a mellower, sweeter and less pungent taste.


Droppings of Andraca theae (Andraca theae worms are fed on Camellia sinensis tea plant).

Net Weight 8g - 5 x tea bags

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Bugapoop Tea Bags (Worm Poo Tea)

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