Moutai Liquor Whiskey from Kweichow Town - China's National Liquor - 53% v/v 500ml

Moutai liquor is famous for its sustained aroma and mellow taste, it has a special flavor and unique aroma that's mellow and sweet, with a lingering flavor and an odor that clings to the cup

Moutai liquor was first made over 800 years ago and by the 18th century Moutai had already been regarded as "the best liquor in Guizhou".

Moutai is made of sorghum and wheat, half and half mixed, fermented eight times and distilled seven times. Its production technique is complicated and seasonal, like that of field crops. The raw materials should be processed before the ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar month and the processing is completed in ten and a half months. The raw materials are boiled seven times and condensed nine times without addition of any water to create a more purified and aromatic liquor. Then it is kept for half a year and tasted. If it is not up to the standard, it will be distilled again and again until it is. The whole process lasts about one year, after which the liquor aged for several years. Usually several grades of Moutai are blended into a single brew before being put on the market.

Moutai is best served chilled, on the rocks or straight.

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Moutai Liquor Whiskey - Kweichow Town 52%

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