If you are someone who enjoys eating flavorful fatty foods for the fun of it, you should definitely give Salo a try.  This Ukrainian delicacy is made from pig fat, and that is all it is made from.  Unlike bacon, Salo does not have any meat on it.

ukrainian salo

Salo – a Ukrainian delicacy

Salo is prepared by removing fat from a butchered pig, and then treating it with a curing process involving various spices like garlic, pepper, paprika, and salt.  After it has been prepared for curing, the Salo is placed in a room to age for as much as a year or even longer.  In order for the Salo to cure properly, the room must be a low temperature and must not have much light.

If the Salo is not cured properly and is oxidized during the process, it is spoiled and will taste quite bitter and have a yellowish hue.  However, Ukranians are known for their resourcefulness and use spoiled Salo for various purposes including making their shoes and other clothing items repel water.

Those who live for Salo say that it tastes similar to bacon, but that bacon simply cannot live up to the mouthwatering one of a kind taste of Salo.  You can either eat Salo fresh and cold straightaway as soon as the curing process is over, or you can fry Salo like you would fry a slice of bacon.  Either way you choose to enjoy this dish, you are sure to have a one of a kind culinary experience!