Haggis Scotland


You may have heard someone joke about haggis before, but do you know what it is?  This dish comes from Scotland and is well-known to be a traditional and popular Scottish dish.  To prepare haggis, all you must do is take the lungs, heart and liver of a sheep and chop them up; and then mix them together with spices, onion and oatmeal.  After you’ve mixed it up well, pack it into a sheep’s stomach and tie the ends tightly.  Next, boil the final product in water for a few hours and voila!  You have freshly prepared haggis ready to eat.

If you’re hesitant to put something made of stomach into your stomach, you can always purchase haggis at a Scottish grocery or market.  Many of the less expensive brands use artificial casings rather than actual sheep stomachs.  But if you want to have the authentic experience, you can get real haggis complete with stomach from many pubs, hotels and bed and breakfasts.  At the yearly Burns Supper (a holiday in Scotland that celebrates the poet Robert Burns) haggis is usually served with an accompanying shot of Scotch whiskey.  Haggis is often compared to scrapple, and is said to have a similar taste and consistency.