Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee

Maple bacon smoked coffee

Maple bacon smoked coffee

The title is probably an instant giveaway that this bizarre coffee is the creation of a Canadian company.

If you like coffee, bacon and maple syrup then you are probably going to love this product.

Perfect as a delicious breakfast brew, it is made from special maple-bacon syrup that’s poured over coffee beans to soak, followed by a slow roast to perfection. The Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee comes in a choice of bean or ground form at a price of US $17 – they’re currently on sale too, so why not give it a try?

Canadian coffee company Bewdly specializes in manufacturing handcrafted artisan coffee beans. They stick by a strict code of roasting all coffee beans by hand and have them shipped off within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness. Get the Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee and many more exciting flavours here.

Snake Wine with Scorpion

snake wine

Snake and Scorpion Wine

Snake Wine is a rice based alcohol which is infused with a real snake, ginseng roots and herbal seed pods. Sometimes lizards, frogs and scorpions are added for extra potency similar to the bottle pictured here. The whiskey is steeped for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the whiskey, it is quite an acquired taste. The story is that this is used in SE Asia as an aphrodisiac; and it also has many medical uses, such as the treatment of back and muscle pain. Snake wine is sold in S.E. Asia and is mostly found in Vietnam, China and Laos. It is also available online here: Snake Wine

Cricket Pasta

Cricket Pasta

Nutribug Rice Pasta with Crickets, a new start-up company from the UK, has been busy working away on a new edible insect pasta range. Their new Rice Pasta a.k.a. Pro Pasta will be the first first gluten free rice pasta to contain high protein cricket flour. It will be made from 100% natural ingredients, brown jasmine rice, tapioca and farmed acheta domestica cricket powder.

100 grams of Nutrbug’s rice pasta will deliver a whopping 13.7 grams of quality protein, for comparative purposes standard brown rice pasta contains 4 grams of protein per 100g. Nutrbug’s cricket pasta is also a good source of calcium and iron and is gluten free.

Nutribug cricket pasta will be made from all natural ingredients, and will be dry milled to preserve the natural nutrients.

The acheta domestica crickets they use in the production of their rice pasta are raised on their small family farm. They feed them a diet of organic rice husks and a special blend of selected organic vegetables. They are raised in clean, sealed hygienic enclosures and are processed at their FDA/GMP approved factory.

Bird’s Nest Soup (Asia)

Birds Nest Soup

Birds Nest Soup

Bird’s nest soup is another expensive Asian delicacy.  It is made from edible nests from a species of birds known as ‘swifts’ that live in caves and make their nests from saliva.  The high price tag is perhaps due to how difficult it is to harvest these nests, which are generally found on the side walls of caves.  Royalty has been eating bird’s nest soup for centuries, and it is believed that this dish can increase sexual vitality.  To this day it is known to be one of the priciest animal dishes available anywhere in the world, so make sure that you make a special event of it if you are trying it out.

Cheeseburger in a Can

cheeseburger in can

Canned Cheeseburger – Do you want fries with that?

Believe it or not, there is such thing as canned cheeseburgers.

An innovative Outdoor and adventure company called “Trek ‘N Eat,” who manufacture high-quality, freeze-dried specialty foods, have developed the words first cheeseburger in a can.

The following is an extract from their website: “Nothing could be easier to prepare: Just heat the can in a water bath, open the lid, and enjoy your delicious cheeseburger! Never before has it been easier to prepare a burger in the wilderness within such a short time.”

Sounds nice however the product photo on their website hardly resembles the soggy unappetizing looking thing shown on the left and various other websites.

Trek ‘N Eat also produce and extensive range of other unique adventure food goodies, from powdered wine to to vegetable risottos. Unfortunately their products are only available in Sweden or on-line so you may have to wait a while before it’s available at your local supermarket.

Spanish Fly (Spain)

Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly a.k.a. Lytta Vesicatoria

The Spanish Fly is not a fly, it is a beetle.  This beetle is crushed up and is then eaten.  The cantharidin that it contains is supposed to work as a powerful aphrodisiac.  However, it can be lethal.  It is expelled from the body via urine, and it can make genitalia itch, swell and even leak bloody discharge.  However, in some cases if the dose is too large Spanish Fly can cause fever, seizures, convulsions and ultimately death.  Some love shops claim to sell potions that contain Spanish Fly but more often than not (fortunately) these potions are just imitations.  The Spanish Fly did not just arrive on the aphrodisiac scene, in fact it dates all the way back to ancient Rome.

Snake Meat Soup (Hong Kong)

Snake meat soup

Snake meat soup

If you will be visiting Hong Kong and you wish to try a strange and one of a kind meal, give snake meat soup a try! The snake meat has a texture much like chicken and it is usually cooked with fragrant mushrooms and fresh sliced ginger. In addition, you can purchase snake liquor in Japan. It is snake meat that is steeped in a sealed bottle of liquor until the liquor takes on the flavor of snake meat. Snake blood wine is another offering, and it is made from wine mixed with the freshly spilled blood of a snake.

Chapul Looks to Introduce Insects into the American Diet

chapul cricket protein bar

Chapul Cricket Protein Bar

College roommates are looking to introduce the American public to a unique snack while also addressing serious worldwide concerns.

Chapul founders Pat Crowley of Salt Lake City and Dan O’Neill of San Francisco are looking to bring the snack of nutritious, energy cricket bars to the forefront by showing the public the benefits of eating them. To give you an understanding of what these cricket bars are like think of the Clif Bars, only you have bugs.

Flush Away the Day at The Modern Toilet Diner

Modern toilet diner

Toilet themed diner restaurant

If you’re like most people, your mother taught you from a young age that you must always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom and also told you that this was of the utmost importance before eating.  Whether in a home or a restaurant, this routine endures.  But what if the dining room you will be eating with has been carefully constructed to resemble a lavatory?

The Modern Toilet Diner, Taipei

Once you step foot into Taipei’s Modern Toilet Diner you are sure to have a one of a kind sensation.  This restaurant is actually part of a chain of restaurants with various themes that are located all over the island.  This particular restaurant was designed with humor in mind.  Each diner sits atop a toilet and has their meal atop a wash basin or a bathtub with a glass top.

Horse and Llama Meat

Canned Horse Meat

Russian canned horse meat – Photo by SA_Steve

Believe it or not, in many non-English speaking countries, horse meat is considered a very healthy choice for a meal –even healthier than beef.  In Japan, chefs even make sashimi (raw, chilled, sliced meat) from horse meat and it is considered a delicacy.  It is sometimes served with a shiso leaf wrapper, and is sometimes prepared ‘BBQ’ style.  In Italy, a stew is regularly made from horse meat in the Veneto region.  Referred to as pastissada, the recipe includes paprika, wine and horse meat.

Some cultures serve horse mane as a dish.  In that case, you are not eating the horse’s hair, but rather the skin from beneath the hair.  In Belgium there are many different horse dishes to try, such as horse steak, horse meat tartar, horse sausage and smoked horse.  Horse is even served in France with fried potatoes and a side of foie gras.

People in Bolivia take it a step further by grinding up llama and serving it as a traditional dish.