Bizarre Watermelon Art

Bizarre Watermelon Carving Art

Bizarre Watermelon Carving Art

The Watermelon is a vine-like flowering plant, it’s fruit contains about 92% water and 6% sugar by weight. It contains a high amount of beta carotene and lycopene. Regular consumption of watermelon may have anti hypertensive effects. Its skin contains many hidden nutrients, but most people avoid eating them due to their unappealing flavor. Watermelons contain a significant amount of citrulline. Citrulline is found to relax blood vessels, it is also sold as a performance-enhancing supplement, which was shown to reduce muscle fatigue.

Aside from its nutritional and culinary benefits, watermelons are also common in carved food art. The photo on the left shows several bizarre carved creations.

Bizarre Specialty Cakes

bizarre specialty cakes

Bizarre specialty cakes with serious attitude. Source

If you’re looking for a bizarre out-of-this-word cake for your friend or loved one checkout the Highland Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I’ve posted a selection of their most unusual and bizarre creations to the left, it’s easy to see a lot of hard work has gone into the making of these amazing cake designs. Karen Portaleo is the lead cake decorator there, she has been creating these wonderful cake designs for over 7 years now. Checkout their website to view other unique cakes they have made over the years:

Meat Water – Real or Not?

Meat Water Bottles

Meat Water – The drink with wings

Meat water, real or not? It sounds too bizarre to be true, or does it? Their website looks convincing enough and who would go to all the trouble of marketing a product if it wasn’t real?

If you haven’t already guessed it’s actually a hoax and a great one at that, it’s already gone viral on the internet twice and is still making waves to this day. You may have already read articles about their “high efficiency survival beverage” which comes in a vast array of bizarre flavours like: beef jerky, buffalo wings, beef goulash and many more.

Till Krautkramer, the artist and photographer from New York who is the mastermind behind the meat water idea, came up with this bizarre concept back in 2008. His complete dedication to the project is what makes the product so convincing. For several years now he has pitched this product as if it were the real thing, he even offers sample tastings around the local area.

The main drive behind the idea was to raise awareness about serious worldwide issues like, ‘Not paying enough attention to water’ and ‘what may become of the world in 20 years time’. There is also more personal message about people’s busy lifestyles these days. He says people are more focused on their work than their own health, sometimes they skip a meal or eat processed food to save time.

If you would like to keep up to date with the project, check out the blog.

Pickled Pigs Lips

pickled pigs lips

Jar of Pickled Pigs Lips

Pickled pig lips are a common food item in parts of southeast America, particularly Louisiana where pickling is ingrained into the local culture. Pickling pig meat has been in vogue in the Deep South for more than a century now. Economical picklers from past generations put to use previously disregarded meat products such as feet, lips and tails, and the idea of pickling them caught on. The pickled meat is usually eaten straight from the jar or used in salads, rice and bean dishes.

If that’s whet your appetite, you can pick up your very own jar of pigs lips here.

Fertilized Duck Embryo – Balut

Balut fertilized egg

Balut fertilized egg

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up, Scrambled…? If you’re from the Philippines you’d probably want your eggs Balut style.

Balut is a dish that is common in the Philippines.  It is a duck egg that is fertilized and has a partially grown duck embryo inside of it.  The egg is then boiled and the embryo and the liquid inside is cooked.  Once the dish is served, the shell is punctured and the broth inside is sipped from the shell.  Then the shell is peeled so the diner can eat the yolk and the cooked chick.  It is common to see vendors selling balut in a bucket filled with sand to keep them warm.

Wasp cookies creating a buzz in Japan

japanese wasp rice cracker

Japanese wasp rice cracker

There is a new rice cracker product creating a buzz around the streets of Omachi, Japan. A Digger Wasp lover group (Jibachi Aikokai) has teamed up with a local biscuit maker to create a unique digger wasp rice cracker (Jibachi Senbei).

Elderly wasp hunters lay traps around the nearby countryside to catch the wasps. They are then boiled in water, dried and then added to the rice cracker mix. The mix is then stamped in a hot iron cracker cutter. They’re sold via local markets or at selected gourmet stores.

According to certain sources wasps contain the highest percentage of protein of any edible insect – a whopping 81 percent to be exact! For comparison purposes an average steak contains just 20 percent. Now you know what to order if you’re needing a protein boost!

Peanut Butter Curry Ice Cream

peanut butter curry ice cream

Bizarre ice cream flavours

Bored of the usual run-of-the-mill ice cream flavors? Then pack your bags and jet of to San Fransisco, USA and make your way to the Humphry Solcombe Gourmet Ice Cream Shop.

Humphry Solcombe manufactures handmade ice cream that is packed with serious attitude, its bizarre flavors will take your taste buds on a flavor sensation roller coaster. They offer unusual flavor combinations such as peanut butter curry, butter beer, red hot banana and lot’s more. They also offer other bizarre food products such as bacon brittle and Valrhona fudge.

If you’ve visited this place and have any feedback you’d like to add we’d love to hear from you. You can also checkout their website here:

Japanese Heart-shaped watermelons

heart shaped watermelons

Japanese heart shaped watermelon innovation

Heart-shaped watermelons are one of the the latest bizarre innovations to hit the streets of Japan. A farmer called Hiroichi Kimura and his wife are the masterminds behind its creation. It took the couple over three years to create a perfectly heart-shaped watermelon, which they say expresses their love for farming and their feelings towards each other. The watermelons grow into fulsome heart shapes without the aid of special equipment and are not genetically-modified in anyway. They come with a hefty tag price 15,750 yen ($160) each.

You can also buy square, pyramid or even human face shaped watermelons via links on the following website:

Dill Pickle Mints

dill pickle mints

Can of Dill Pickle Mints

Dill Pickles, you either love ’em or you hate ’em right?. If you’re the former and can’t get enough of them you’ll be pleased to know that the Archie Mcphee team from America have created some rather bizarre mint candies, tiny candy pellets with the essence of mint and dill pickle. Sounds like a bizarre combination of flavours to me, maybe the mint is used to cover the stench of pickles. a.k.a. ‘pickle breath’. The can contains approximately 100 mints so you’ll be able to get your fix any time of the day or night.