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Snake Meat Soup (Hong Kong)

Snake meat soup
Snake meat soup

If you will be visiting Hong Kong and you wish to try a strange and one of a kind meal, give snake meat soup a try! The snake meat has a texture much like chicken and it is usually cooked with fragrant mushrooms and fresh sliced ginger. In addition, you can purchase snake liquor in Japan. It is snake meat that is steeped in a sealed bottle of liquor until the liquor takes on the flavor of snake meat. Snake blood wine is another offering, and it is made from wine mixed with the freshly spilled blood of a snake.

Horse and Llama Meat

Canned Horse Meat
Russian canned horse meat – Photo by SA_Steve

Believe it or not, in many non-English speaking countries, horse meat is considered a very healthy choice for a meal –even healthier than beef.  In Japan, chefs even make sashimi (raw, chilled, sliced meat) from horse meat and it is considered a delicacy.  It is sometimes served with a shiso leaf wrapper, and is sometimes prepared ‘BBQ’ style.  In Italy, a stew is regularly made from horse meat in the Veneto region.  Referred to as pastissada, the recipe includes paprika, wine and horse meat.

Some cultures serve horse mane as a dish.  In that case, you are not eating the horse’s hair, but rather the skin from beneath the hair.  In Belgium there are many different horse dishes to try, such as horse steak, horse meat tartar, horse sausage and smoked horse.  Horse is even served in France with fried potatoes and a side of foie gras.

People in Bolivia take it a step further by grinding up llama and serving it as a traditional dish.

Wasp cookies creating a buzz in Japan

japanese wasp rice cracker
Japanese wasp rice cracker

There is a new rice cracker product creating a buzz around the streets of Omachi, Japan. A Digger Wasp lover group (Jibachi Aikokai) has teamed up with a local biscuit maker to create a unique digger wasp rice cracker (Jibachi Senbei).

Elderly wasp hunters lay traps around the nearby countryside to catch the wasps. They are then boiled in water, dried and then added to the rice cracker mix. The mix is then stamped in a hot iron cracker cutter. They’re sold via local markets or at selected gourmet stores.

According to certain sources wasps contain the highest percentage of protein of any edible insect – a whopping 81 percent to be exact! For comparison purposes an average steak contains just 20 percent. Now you know what to order if you’re needing a protein boost!

Japanese Heart-shaped watermelons

heart shaped watermelons
Japanese heart shaped watermelon innovation

Heart-shaped watermelons are one of the the latest bizarre innovations to hit the streets of Japan. A farmer called Hiroichi Kimura and his wife are the masterminds behind its creation. It took the couple over three years to create a perfectly heart-shaped watermelon, which they say expresses their love for farming and their feelings towards each other. The watermelons grow into fulsome heart shapes without the aid of special equipment and are not genetically-modified in anyway. They come with a hefty tag price 15,750 yen ($160) each.

You can also buy square, pyramid or even human face shaped watermelons via links on the following website: http://www.crown-melon.com/square_melon.html

Frog Sashimi (Japan)

Frog Sashimi
Frog Sashimi Dish Japan

This is another dish that is only for the brave hearted.  In Tokyo, you can visit Asadachi restaurant for their famed frog sashimi.  Asadashi is a restaurant with dishes designed to increase virility.  If you order the frog sashimi, you are truly in for an experience.  Right before your eyes, the chef will cut into a live frog and will rip its heart out while it is still beating and will then hand it over to you in a pair of chopsticks.  Then as you bite into the still beating heart, you can watch the chef turn what once was a frog into a pile of raw frog sashimi (sashimi is raw, sliced seafood).  This dish is hard to find, so if you’re sure you wish to try it you will probably have to visit Asadashi or one of the few other restaurants in the world that offer this unique dish.

Fugu – The Poisonous Puffer Fish?

Fugu edible puffer fish
Fugu is extremely poisonous if not prepared properly

Japanese cuisine includes some unique and amazing delicacies. One of the most interesting and dangerous dishes in Japanese cooking is Fugu, also known as Blowfish or Puffer Fish. Fugu is extremely poisonous if it is not prepared properly, and can be fatal if ingested. At the present time, only a very select number of chefs are authorized to serve and prepare Fugu. Surprisingly, the government in Tokyo is currently preparing to relax restrictions that permit only licensed and trained chefs to serve Fugu. Continue reading