Meat Water Bottles

Meat Water – The drink with wings

Meat water, real or not? It sounds too bizarre to be true, or does it? Their website looks convincing enough and who would go to all the trouble of marketing a product if it wasn’t real?

If you haven’t already guessed it’s actually a hoax and a great one at that, it’s already gone viral on the internet twice and is still making waves to this day. You may have already read articles about their “high efficiency survival beverage” which comes in a vast array of bizarre flavours like: beef jerky, buffalo wings, beef goulash and many more.

Till Krautkramer, the artist and photographer from New York who is the mastermind behind the meat water idea, came up with this bizarre concept back in 2008. His complete dedication to the project is what makes the product so convincing. For several years now he has pitched this product as if it were the real thing, he even offers sample tastings around the local area.

The main drive behind the idea was to raise awareness about serious worldwide issues like, ‘Not paying enough attention to water’ and ‘what may become of the world in 20 years time’. There is also more personal message about people’s busy lifestyles these days. He says people are more focused on their work than their own health, sometimes they skip a meal or eat processed food to save time.

If you would like to keep up to date with the project, check out the blog.